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The Bavarian Candidate

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Film Running Time: 8:29.

Synopsis: A parody inspired by the movie “The Manchurian Candidate.” Most of the characters in the movie are played by bottles of Wine and German Beer. In this psycho-[il]logical suspense thriller German scientists (played by bottles of Bavarian beer) brainwash one of their own elite soldiers (played by another bottle of Bavarian beer) into thinking that he is actually a bottle of wine. This brainwashing along with a clever disguise allow him to infiltrate the election for president of French wines. Will his puppeteer brainwashers succeed in their quest to conquer France? Find out in “the Bavarian Candidate.”

Technical Notes: The Bavarian Candidate. A parody inspired by “The Manchurian Candidate.” Created by Cameron Hatch. Written by Cameron Hatch w/ additional writing by Sean Boyland. Directed by Cameron Hatch. Starring Sean Boyland & Alan Yang. Voices by Sean Boyland & Cameron Hatch. Cameron Hatch also did the following: Camera operator, film editing, special effects, music, set design, costume design, title animation, awesomenicity coordinator, puppy taming. Music mixed using Adobe Audition Loopology Content

World Premiere Aug 3, 2004

_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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