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Advertising FAQ

What do I get?
You get a 120x120 banner.
Or a
You get a 468x60 banner.

Where will it be displayed?

On the front page and all news stories in the archive dating back to April 25, 2004. Aside from this your ad will appear on other section top level pages.

on every page (see display above.)

At the bottom of every page.

We will include your banner ad in our e-mail newsletter that goes out twice a month.

How much traffic do you get? alone averaged over 1,300 unique visitors daily in the month of June 2005.

Check the most recent stats of each site:

For more info on these sites check their Alexa rankings.

What else are we doing to promote your site?

Half of all ad revenue goes directly to our advertising budget. That means more traffic for us, and in turn more exposure for you ads.

If you have any other questions the contact address is:

1. Ad banners will be hosted on
2. Ad banners must be in .gif format. Animated .gif files are allowed, permitted their size is not excessive.
3. Popups, interstitials, download prompt or otherwise-browser abusive ads will not be permitted.
4. No ads will be allowed for sites promoting hate, illegal activity, adult content, or warez.
5. Ads may be refused by at our sole discretion.
6. If advertising is refused you will immediately be given a full refund via PayPal.
7. Terms may be changed at any time by at our sole discretion with prior notice.

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