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The Ever Expanding
Gulp Scale

7-Eleven made a great contribution to the scientific and convenience communitites with the invention of the Gulp Scale. The Gulp scale allows you to accurately select the correct size of Fountain drink to exactly meet the needs of your thirst. But with the ever expanding scale of thirst out there due to changing world circumstances such as global climate change, it may be time to expand the Gulp scale to account for increased levels of thirst. Here are the suggestions of Generall Awesome for an expanded Gulp Scale!

by CWH

The standard 7-Eleven Gulp Scale for fountain drinks!

After the Extreme Gulp comes the bucket gulp.  5 Gallons of Soda!

After the Bucket Gulp, 7-Eleven should release the Barrel Gulp!

The tower gulp can power a whole neighborhood and extinguish thirst!

The Tanker Gulp is perfect for getting rid of all the thirst in a big way on the go.  The power of 350,000 Gulps!

For ultimate range this allows people to get their Gulp on even in remote locations with no 7-Elevens around!

The governments ultimate secret back-up plan, fill lake Mead with Soda Syrup and carbonation and make the greatest Gulp Known to Man, the Hoover Gulp!

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This web page is not endorsed by 7 Eleven, Inc. Gulp is a trademark of 7-Eleven. regularly shops at our local 7-Eleven at suggest that you do the same!


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