Cardboard Chair

Cardboard chair that I made in 1998.  It lasted from 1998 all the way to 2000. It was still in good working order, but was mistakenly thrown out during a move.
I made this chair during my freshman year of college. I saw a cardboard
chair in a skate shop in Harvard Square. It was a promotional
item for Dexter Shoes. It inspired me to make my own cardboard chair.
After making this chair I went on to make two more chairs.
Cambridge, MA Circa Jan. 1998

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The chair uses a triangle design for extra stength. Triangles are,
after all, the strongest geometric shape.
This chair was made using scrap cardboard that I
rounded up from the recycling collection stations around campus.
It last for just over two years, until it was mistakenly
thrown out during a move. It inspired me to make
two other cardboard chairs (see other cardboard furniture above).

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