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Buying The advantages of Wood Chair Mats by SnapMat

The perfect chair mat would be stylish and luxurious and at the same time functional. It would have the durability to last and last, and would serve as a protective buffer against wear and tear to keep all types of flooring beautiful. It would be backed by a great warranty.

SnapMat brand Executive Office Chair Mats are that perfect chair mat. Their patent pending design brings all these features together for use in your office. Whether you run a home based business or work for a large corporation, the comfort and utility of these mats will blow you away. In addition to this, SnapMat brand Executive Office Chair Mats can reduce the risk of muscle strain due to improper posture. Studies show that this condition often develops due to extended hours of office work that include the use of computers and phones. Oftentimes, office workers are so engrossed on their tasks that they tend to disregard their posture. In the long run, this practice may lead to the development of strain and other injuries. Using office chair mats may reduce the unnecessary stress from improper posture.

This one piece mat means you will roll smoothly across its entire surface. The tough laminated wood resists stains, scuffs, marks, burns and other damage that life in the office can inflict. The non-slip rubber lined bottom-side of this chairmat means that it will stay in place on any kind of surface in your workplace, whether you have tile, carpet, or hardwood flooring.

Select the wood finish of your choice to match the décor of your office. Choose from Cherry, Oak, or Walnut finish to complement and complete the look and feel of any workplace environment.

All chair mats are made from 65% recycled material. All office chair mats are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Every mat ships directly from the manufacturer.

Competing ChairMats

Plastic chair mats can wear in a hurry and don't always stand up to the test of time. There are several chair mats on the market today. The most common is the plastic chair mat. Plastic chairmats have the advantage of being very inexpensive. But they also have some huge disadvantages. Over time they can easily crack, become worn, or become discolored. The functionality drops off, and they become unsightly. As a result they can diminish worker morale and can potentially tarnish your company’s image. Most plastic mats also are only intended for use on carpet, and won’t work on hardwood floors, linoleum, or vinyl flooring. They have sharp spikes to prevent slipping, but ultimately can end up damaging flooring or carpeting, or injuring workers while being moved.

There are many choices out there when it comes to buying a chairmat for your office. Your office should be a place that people love to come to work. It should reflect the success of your business. By buying wood chair mats for your office you are making an investment into luxury, comfort, function, style and image.

ChairMats ship from direct from the manufacturer. They ship within 2-3 business days. SnapMat is a trademark of Avant-Garde Mfg.

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