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Posted 6/30/2004


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Eminem Donates 50 Cent to Homeless Man

New York, NY Rapper Eminem gave away 50 Cent to a homeless man asking for loose change outside Madison Square Gardens over the weekend. The generous display of philanthropy was so touching for the homeless man, 47 year old Albert Welksdoff, that he broke into tears.

“I saw that sucka’ cryin’ and I was like ‘Stop actin’ like a little biatch and dry those tears!’ That foo’ knows what’s up ‘cause soon as I said that he stopped,” said 50.

According to some estimates the value of this donation reaches into the hundreds of millions of dollars, which led reporters to ask Marshall Mathers what motivated him to be so generous.

“I saw how desperate the guy looked and figured that he could use 50 Cent more than I could,” Eminem told reporters.

This seemingly small gesture has already had tangible effects for Mr. Welksdoff.

“Sometimes I would have to fight off other bums trying to steal my spot and my stuff. Now everybody falls in line when they see 50. It doesn’t hurt when G-Unit comes to chill with us either,” Mr. Welksdoff told reporters.

For Mr. Cent the change of lifestyles has also had a positive outcome.

“A big part of my appeal is that I am come from the streets. Now that I actually live on the street that is even more true,” said the Rapper.

Neither Eminem nor 50 Cent has commented on whether they plan to use this situation to their advantage as a tax deduction.

Funny Facts about 50 Cent

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