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Posted 10/26/2006


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Generally Awesome Gears Up for Halloween w/ Mix of Old & New

Halloween is the best time to make a jack-o-lantern!

Santa Barbara, CA-- Generally Awesome sets its sites on Halloween humor content with less than a week to go until the popular spooky holiday.

"Extensive research has shown that halloween is the best time of the year for pumpkin jokes," said GenerallyAwesome.com CEO Catch Hameron. "We have been saving them up all year. And we still only have a couple of them."

Holidays like Halloween come around every year, which makes them a great occasion to bring out old material and recycle it. This cuts down on costs and save the entertainment environment from being polluted with excessive amounts of Holiday Humor.

"The interest is there for the stuff each year. In many cases people who did not see it last year assume it is new this year. In other cases the scatter-brains who read this site may not even remember that they actually did read it last year," said entertainment chief Boy Llama.

Luckily for Generally Awesome staff Halloween falls on a week night. Which makes it ok to re-run this gem: Halloween on a School Night "This is a great article because there are only 2 out of 7 years that you can't re-use this joke," said Hameron.

Another perenial favorite is the video Halloween to Thanksgiving. "We love this one because it covers two Holidays and all the area between them. We can run it for a whole month!" said Boy Llama.

Generally Awesome is expanding the concept of the video channel by adding a Halloween Video Channel where they will feature new halloween videos in the week leading up to the scary night.

Just wait until next year when there will be a few new additions, but when all this material, including this article, will be re-run! Happy Halloween.

For rare animals from miniature rodeo bulls to coturnix quail visit www.HatchFarms.com

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