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Posted 07/02/2007


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Happy/Sad July Fourth, Depending

Fireworks Song

Video: Rhett and Link's Fireworks song highlights the bitter sweet nature of fireworks and the fourth of July.
USA-- The Fourth of July can be a very bitter-sweet holiday, evoking mixed emotions. For some it is a great celebration of the many freedoms afforded in the great land of the USA. For others (mostly English people) it is a reminder loss and tragedy. For still others it is a time to watch shining bright fiery things explode.

Whatever you are looking for, the Fourth of July has it for you. Some are sure to celebrate by floating around a lake somewhere in this great land blaring Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA” through the sound system on their boat blissfully ignorant of the lyrics that highlight some of America’s failings. Others are sure to get on their boats, get drunk, take a brake to relieve themselves off the back of the boat, lose their balance, slip, fall in the water, drown and be pulled out of the water a day and a half later with their swim trunks around their knees. Others are sure to supplement public fireworks displays with personal ones, resulting in fire damage to property and personal injury to others.

Yes, nothing highlights the freedoms and ideals of this great land like a good mix of irresponsibility and highly dangerous activities.

This Fourth of July make it a safe and happy one for you and me! Stay home and read humor satire websites all day so that I can make some good money from ad revenues! Happy Independence Day!

Sad Fourth of July Trivia: Did you know that our second and third American Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on exactly the same day, July 4, 1826.

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