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Posted 05/28/2007


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Generally Awesome Retroactively Declares May 20-27, 2007 Pirate Week

Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Video: Even though this type of pirate was surely at work last week, Generally Awesome does not encourage this type of piracy.
Santa Barbara, CA-- This past week was a great week for pirates everywhere, a fact which Generally Awesome Dotcom chose to recognize with an impromptu Memorial Day press conference. Not only did the biggest pirate movie in years come into theaters last week, the entire week was dedicated to pirate content on the most awesome destination for pirate content, GenerallyAwesome.com. With so much great beloved buccaneer banter over the course of the week, reporters only wonder why GA waited til the week was over to declare it Pirate Week.

"We took a wait and see approach," said GA CEO Catch Hameron. "Rather that stake our reputations on the release of a movie that could have been a disappointing final chapter in a great trilogy, we chose to hold our decision about correlating pirate week with the movie release, until after we had a chance to see the movie. We did not want to get burned again like we did by 'the Matrix' part III. What a let-down that was!"

Even after this explanation questions still remained as to whether the retroactive declaration was appropriate or even necessary. Generally Awesome was quick to address these concerns.

"As any historian will tell you, distance from an event can give you perspective. We think that viewing the past week in retrospect makes us even more qualified to objectively declare it 'Pirate Week,'" said one GA correspondent.

Critics among the audience remained dubious even after this further explanation. The most ardent critics even charged Generally Awesome with writing revisionist history.

Mr. Hameron was quick to rebut this claim. "Even if this were a case of writing a revisionist history of 'Pirate Week,' which I am not admitting to, we still feel that Generally Awesome would be within its right to do so. Just take the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.' They completely wrote their own version of pirate lore from a historical distance of several centuries. All we are trying to do is go back the distance of one week-end and make this declaration. An honest observers will agree that is within reason."

Content Marketing Analysts came to a different view of the declaration. Seeing this less as a move to impose any particular historical perspective, members of the group Media, Entertainment, & Marketing Analysis Trade Industry Enterprise (ME MATIE) viewed the move as a brand opportunity to target certain demographic groups through the concentration of themed entertainment content.

"Attempts are made all the time by media groups to promote themed events & media content in order to more aggressively and narrowly reach targeted demographic groups," one of ME MATIE's spokesmen said. "One great example is Shark week. The discovery channel is able to use this to generate a spike in viewership among males age 18-34 more effectively than with any other content. PBS tries to use Black History Month to achieve a similar spike in African-American viewership, with a lesser degree of success. Generally Awesome is most likely trying to achieve a surge in readership levels among the demographic groups of smugglers, cutthroats and scallywags. The marketing potential of this demographic is finally starting to manifest itself. For an example, take the popularity of Ultimate Fighting Challenge."

As part of the press conference today Generally Awesome announced plans to make 'Pirate Week' an annual happening. This announcement seemed to support the claims of ME MATIE. Look for 'Pirate Week' every year in the last full week of May!

For rare animals from miniature rodeo bulls to coturnix quail visit www.HatchFarms.com

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