Baker's Dozen

What Pirates and Gangsta Rappers Have in Common:
As a student of both Black Studies & Rap Culture, and Pirate Culture, I have conducted in depth studies of these two groups. The results of this research have led me to compile a list of commonalities between these two groups, which can be found below.

Pirates and Gansta Rappers Have the Following in Common:

  1. Fixation on gold and jewelry

  2. Injuries and harm to one's body sustained in conflict translate directly into status.

  3. Strong aversion to the authorities.

  4. Love of booty

  5. Song and lyric that glorify past exploits.

  6. Use of the word "yo!" (as in 'yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum' and 'yo whaddup?')

  7. Insistence on use of nickname and aliases.

  8. Healthy affinity for eye-patches

  9. Intense interest in boats

  10. High tolerance for promiscuous women.

  11. Healthy respect for individuals wielding hooks in lieu of hand

  12. Love of drink, especially rum (with or without the accompaniment of coke)

  13. Always travel with a crew.

by CWH

Baker’s Dozen is a list of a dozen things on a given topic. Each edition of the Baker’s Dozen is dedicated to an individual by the name of Baker.

This Week's Baker

Houston Baker

Mr. Houston Baker, Jr. is a professor of Black Studies and author of Black Studies, Rap, and the Academy.


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