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Posted 8/16/2006


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Twinkie the Kid May Have Access to a Time Machine

Hostess has made a huge hit with this deal!

Buy a nice wood chair mat that will last in your office Hollywood, CA-- New evidence obtained this week suggests that Twinkie the Kid, the prominent mascot for the infamous Hostess "Twinkie" treat, may have obtained the ability to time travel. A series of historical photos were discovered by Generally Awesome contributors that prove the presence of Twinkie the Kid at several important events of the past century.

"I am not sure how his presence at these events impact history at all, but it does do a lot to extend the brand image of Hostess baked goods," said brand analyst John H. Crabtree.

Still some are doubtful as to the authenticity of these photographs. According to certain prominent historians in Academia, the scholarly community is still waiting for more technical analysis before interpreting the historical meaning of these events.

Some urban mythologists are thrilled with the discovery. The operating theory is that Twinkie the Kid is just traveling through time using some sort of time traveling device. This would be solid evidence to refute the origins of “the Twinkies last forever,” myth.

"This clearly shows that the only way one Twinkie can span such a broad expanse of time is with the aid of a time traveling device," one prominent Urban Mythologist told reporters.

Another point of contention remains among theoretical physicists. Some believe that the images of Twinkie the Kid in famous movie scenes are the result of the Kid traveling to moments during the filming process. "His image must have been subsequently removed in post production editing," explained one award-winning physicist.

The opposing point of view is that Twinkie the Kid was able to travel not only through time to be on set, but that we was able to traverse the fabric of the space-time continuum to arrive in the actual dimension of the film itself.

"If you already accept the premise of time travel, this concept is not that much of departure in belief," said the main proponent of this school of thought, who also happens to be the local Star Wars fan club president.

Related link: Photos of "Twinkie the Kids" in History

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