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Posted 6/27/2006


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50 Cent Declares Operation 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' a Failure

Buy a nice wood chair mat that will last in your office Queens, NY-- It was with a sad heart that rapper 50 Cent admitted that his ambitious project, unofficically called "Operation: Get Rich or Die Trying" was a failure. The project, which had two main efforts, a musical sound track and a feature length film by the same name, was a challenging endeavor for the musician turned first time actor. Also ambitious was the projects scope.

"The aim of the project was for 50 Cent either to make such a great product that he could get significantly richer than he already is, or to raise so much anger about the poor quality of the creative works that someone would become so disgruntled to the point of wanting to kill 50 Cent," one spokesman told reporters at a small press conference.

50 Cent, (real name Curtis Jackson), already rich from selling millions of records, saw a great challenge in becoming even richer. According to some insiders Fiddy was hoping that box office take world-wide combined with DVD sales would spur the project to financial success. Ticket sales did make the effort a profitable one, and DVD sales have been modest with the film hitting an average sales rank for the movie at 2,449 in the Amazon.com DVD section (as of June 23, 2006). But none of these profits represent a significant gain in riches to the mutli-millionaire rapper who already has hefty merchandising deals like his shoe deal with Reebok.

"The film made money, yes, but it is just a drop in the bucket for Mr. Jackson. The film carries much different royalty and liscencing structures than does a recording or a merchandising deal. The film is like one lump payment, but the other deals keep the cash flowing in for years. In that way, the splash of income was not really that noticeable in the raging waters that are his financial inflows," said one 50 Cent Financial advisor.

Die-hard fans loved the movie, but it failed to gain any traction with mainstream audiences. It was good enough for 50 Cent devotees to cherish, but not good enough to cross over. While film critics did not give raving reviews, they also did not pan the film. Thus the mediocrity of the film failed to generate enough controversy or hatred to spur anyone to violence.

"I just enjoy what this film is really about, Fiddy being Fiddy," said one fan, who highlights the mixed success of Operation: Get Rich or Die Trying.

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