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Posted 2/04/2008


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Generally Awesome Achieves .000103% Market Penetration in India

Q: Is India Generally Awesome? A: Yes!
Generally Awesome overlays a map of India with the penetration of GA humor content and fake news into India.
India's Favorite GA pages:
  1. Funny Photos (916)
  2. Awesome Photos (57)
  3. Generally Awesome Home (48)
  4. Stature of Darth Liberty (23)
  5. Awesome Humor (10)

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Carpinteria, CA-- January 2008 was a small step forward in the progress of Generally Awesome Dotcom’s thrust into the Indian subcontinent. With 1,161 visits to GenerallyAwesome.com originating from India out of an estimated population of 1,129,866,154, GA was able to reach about .0000103% of the population with their original brand of humor and entertainment.

"India is a much sought after burgeoning new market for many industries. The online humor industry is no different,” Catch Hameron wrote on the company website. “This is just one small step forward in our quest to dominate the global market for fake news."

Indian visitors accounted for about 2.29% of all the visitors to GenerallyAwesome.com, according to internal statistics. Indian visitors seem to be slightly less impressed with GA’s brand of humor when compared to visitors from other countries. A web visitor from India views 5.71 pages per visit on average, slightly lower than the overall site average of 7.31 page views per visit.

"Right now we are focusing on a strategy to penetrate the market and then increase the page views from there," one Generally Awesome insider to GA reporters. "We have a pretty even geographical distribution of visitors throughout the country, so we are pleased in that regard."

The top three Indian cities in terms of visitors to GA are Bangalore, Chennai, and New Delhi, respectively. Upon hearing these numbers GA resident geographical statistician John H. Crabtree reacted by saying, "I don’t mean any disrespect, but I have never heard of Chennai before."

Generally Awesome reached visitors in the far corners of India. In January 2008 GA reached 6 visitors in Guwahati in the East, 3 visitors in Amritsar in the North, and 2 visitors in Jamnagar in the West. Overall, visitors in large urban areas tended to spend view more pages per visit when compared to rural visitors. This may be due to a difference in tastes, or it may be due to slower Internet connections.

One interesting note, Indian visitors average fewer page-views-per-visit than the global average for GenerallyAwesome.com However, Indian visitors spend a longer time overall when compared to the global average. Site-wide visitors spent 2 minutes and 26 seconds, while Indian visitors spent 3 minutes 17 seconds per visit on the site. That is a difference of 26%. Which may be a result of slower internet connection speed in India.

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