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Operation Kitten Calendar
Slurpee Cat
Operation Kitten Calendar
Gulp Scale
Homeless James Bond
Homeless Bond
Operation Kitten Calendar
Funny Baby
Funny Kitten
Funny Cat
"Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."

Generally Awesome has created and collected a bunch of funny photos. Laugh a little and lighten your mood with these funny, humorous, and cool pictures and images. We hope you will find them funny!

Funny Photos

Generally Awesome has been hard at work putting together a collection of funny photos. Some of these pictures originally accompanied a fake news story or humor peice. After noticing the popularity of these photos for use on other people's MySpace pages and blogs we realized that presenting all our cool pics in one place might be a good idea. This process has evolved to the point where we are able to offer funny photos on a stand-alone basis. Viewing these photos offers a chance for a quick smile or laugh to lighten your mood or brighten your day.

Generally Awesome will continue to expand the funny photos section to include more pictures, photos, and images for you to find funny and laugh at. Sometimes we employ the help of photoshop to create funny photos and sometimes these funny photos are naturally occuring. You make the call which is which.

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_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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