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Fast Food Fights

Jack, long-overlooked in the fast food world, has decided it is time to make his mark in the world of burger chains and restaurant franchises. He is picking a fight against some of his biggest foes like the Colonel, Wendy, and Ronald. Clearly the fight depicted here is fictional, but may serve as a metaphor for the battle fought everyday between the fast food chains to woo diners into their establishments. Ejnoy responsibly!

by CWH

Jumbo Jack is ready to take on all comers.  He is ready to fight, the question is who wants to fight Jack?!

Jack vs. the Colonel.  Despite his military training, the Colonel is no match for Jack's Combat skills!

Jack is careful to never fight a girl.  Good thing that as the new ad campaign by the fresh burger joint founded by Dave Thomas have revealed, Wendy is not a girl anymore, she's some strange guy in a red wig!

Ronald seems to have a Grimace on his face when Jack punches his so hard that his head flies off!  Good thing his head is not made of a hamburger, like the hamburgler!

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This web page is not endorsed by or affiliated in any way
with Jack in The Box, McDonald's, KFC, or any other fast food chain. regularly eats at all of these restaurants from
time to time and encourages you to enjoy these tasty treats
as part of balanced diet!


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