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Obama Poster Spoofs

What people sometimes seem to forget, is that about 48 percent of the country did not vote for Obama in 2008. While Obama supporters are likely to find inspiration in the now famouns HOPE poster (pictured below), many find amusement in poking fun at this. See the collection below.

This is the photo that started it all.  The image was based off of an Associated Press photo.
The Original is based on a photo by an AP photographer.

Catholics have as much blind faith in the Pope as liberals have in Obama!
Someone clever on the web came up with this one!

There was some talk during the campaign of how Obama was clean.  The Blagojevich thing cast some doubt on that!
During the campaign some talked about how clean Obama was.
The Blagojevich thing momentarily cast some doubt on that.

There are some Republicans who can find little uplifting or positive to live for.
This one is how some Republicans must feel.

When there is nothing substantial to grasp, all you can do is GROPE!
When there is no concrete policy to grasp, all you can do is grope for something.

This one is for all those who voted against Obama!
This one is for the 48% who voted against Obama.

Given all the Obama hoopla, this seemed appropriate!
Hopefully he can live up to it!

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This web page is not endorsed by or affiliated in any way with
any candidate, political party, or group.
In its spoofing, has taken efforts to be fair
and balanced .
But not in the same way as Fox News!

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