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Learn to Skateboard Videos

Skateboarding is a sport that takes a lot of individual work to perfect. That does not mean that learning pointers for certain tricks is not helpful. For those skateboarders who are not part of a large skateboard community it can be hard to learn new tricks since you have no one to see doing the tricks. These skateboard videos not only let you see the trick being done, but each video gives you pointers to learn new trick and improve your skateboaring.

Buy Instructional Skate Videos Whether you are a beginner looking for help on where to start out learning tricks, or you are an intermediate skater looking to get some good tips, these DVDs from 411 and Transworld have some good instructional footage.
You spent all that money to buy your skateboard, then you spend more to get good skateboarding shoes. You have to always replace you trucks, and wheels and all the other skateboarding gear. You should at least be able to get some pointers on how to skateboard for free. These skateboarding videos are meant as a free resource for learning how to skateboard better.

Free Video How-To Clips

How To Ollie The ollie is the first skateboard trick you need to learn to start. Learn how in this video.

How To Kick-Flip Watch this skateboarding video to learn how to kick-flip on skateboard.

How to Heel Flip Video teaching the skateboarding move called "Heel Flip."

How To Pop Shuv it Video showing the steps for doing a pop shuv it on a skateboard.

How to 360 Flip on Skateboard Any skateboarder wanting to learn how to 360 flip should watch this short instructional video.

Skateboard videos should be fun, but you should also learn something. If you are just starting out on a skateboard watching these videos and practicing the moves on your own could make you much better at skateboarding.



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