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Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Company
Rectangle chair mat by Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.  These mats are made of natural bamboo and make an attractive peice of furniture for your office.

Important:Chair Mat Customer in Hawaii or Alaska

Key Product Facts & Company Information

Anji Mountain Chair Mats are made from natural products. The bamboo and hardwood for these mats are harvested in Asia using sustainable methods to ensure the longevity of production and environmental stability. Chairs mats made from Bamboo and Hardwood help to protect the flooring, carpet, linoleum, tile, or hardwood floor under the harsh rolling feet of your desk chair. When used in the office or home these chair mats add style and as well as prolong the life of your floor.

Bamboo mats add a unique look to your office. Bamboo has several advantages. For one bamboo is relatively fast growing compared to hardwood. Anji Mountain Bamboo chairmats are special because they feature bamboo grown in the Anji Mountains of China. The colder climate causes slower growing and results in winter freezes. Both of these factors serve to make this bamboo harder than normal bamboo. You can get these bamboo mats in three colors, natural (available on the roll-up bamboo chair mat), carbonized, or dark cherry. The natural hardness of this special bamboo combined with the treatment processes that these mats undergo result in a durable beauty that will add function and class to your workspace. The choices of color above are intended to provide a match for most any office decor.

The hardwood chair mats are made from responsibly harvested natural wood. For years hardwood floors have been a functional and classic option in home and office decor. The hardwood mats bring the same style, function and long-life enjoyed by hardwood floors. Think of these mats as a way to put a layer of hardwood floor over the pile carpet, tile, linoleum or whatever other flooring currently inhabits your office.

Longer lasting than standard rubber mats and easier on flooring since they don’t use spikes to hold themselves in place, these mats are better for the environment, too. Longer lasting means they are need to be replaced much less often than standard rubber mats. Also, these office chair mats from Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. are made from all natural products, unlike rubber chair mats which are made from petroleum based products.

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