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Bulk Discount & Free Shipping Explained

Here is the long and the short of it! All orders for Anji Mountain chair mats qualify for FREE Shipping within the lower 48 states! [Select mats get free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.]

If you order more than one chair mat, the first chair mat will be charged full price. Any additional chair mats you buy will reflect a $50 discount for each chairmat. For example, if you buy 4 Anji Mountain Chair Mats the first chair mat will be full price and each additional chair mat will be at $50.00 off regular price. The total savings on this order would be $150.

This discount only applies to Anji Mountain Brand Chair Mats. Any other brand of chair mat that we sell does not qualify for this bulk discount incentive.

This discount will show in the cart as follows. When you actually add to cart, the item charge amount will show a $50 discount off the price actually shown, whether you add 1 chairmat to your cart or whether you add multiple. There will be a $50 shipping amount that will appear only once. Hence, buying 1 chair mat will result in you paying full sticker price, and buying more than one chair mat will result in a $50.00 discount off every chair mat after the first.

Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Company
Rectangle chair mat by Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.  These mats are made of natural bamboo and make an attractive peice of furniture for your office.

Important:Chair Mat Customer in Hawaii or Alaska

Why Buy Wood or Bamboo Mats in Bulk?

Anji Mountain Chair Mats are made from natural products. The bamboo and hardwood office chair mats help to add aa luxury feel to work areas. They also improve productivity by not only improving the feeling of the ambient, but by providing a hard, flat, smooth rolling surfaces for desk chairs while protecting your home or offic floor from extra damage. From that standpoint it would make sense for not just the management to get these beautiful and sturdy wood or bamboo office chair mats. This investment will keep paying dividends.

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