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Articles detailing important information to keep in mind while furniture shopping in the Houston, TX area.  There are many factors that go in to selecting the right home furnishings, home decor and furniture items for you lifestyle and budget.
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Mattress Stores Houston, TX/ Mattress Shopping

There are mattress stores and then there are furniture stores that sell mattresses. Houston Texas and the surrounding metro area boast a good selection of each. A furniture store that carries mattresses is focused mostly on stocking mattress models that will appeal to a large audience and have good sales. Some high-end furniture stores may carry a select few high-end mattress styles. For the broadest selection a mattress store will usually be your best bet. Keep in mind that some stores have exclusive deals with certain brands of mattress. For the best selection try to seek out a mattress store that carries multiple brands.

Besides offering a good selection of models and styles, a dedicated mattress store will also have a knowledgeable staff. They often have showrooms in locations inside the loop, which may be much more convenient for people living inside Houston neighborhoods. (The large warehouse type furniture stores are mainly located outside the loop, so that may be a better option for shoppers from greater Houston neighborhoods like Kingwood or Woodlands.) Mattress-only stores will have displays set up to allow you to test the different mattresses in their showroom. Certain stores even offer “sleep on it” trials that allow customers to sleep on the new bed in their home (some furniture stores offer similar trial periods).

If you plan on doing mattress or bed shopping it might be a good idea to look in the phone book and call the local mattress stores in town. You can make a list of which stores carry which brands. That will allow you to try out different brands of beds and mattresses. Once you have narrowed your list to certain mattress brands and models, you can go back to your home and call for pricing of a specific model number from all the stores that carry that brand. This will allow you to make decisions and price comparisons in the comfort of your own home in a low pressure environment. Since bedding purchases can be quite large expenditures, having every advantage on your side when making a purchase will ensure you get the value you deserve.

There are some mattress stores that sell generic mattresses or what are sometimes called “clones.” This may not have the best ring to it, but it basically means that another manufacturer has made a mattress that includes very similar features to a name-brand mattress that tries to give the same type of performance. Depending on the quality of craftsmanship this can be an option to explore for significant savings. Brands take time and money to establish and market, but also convey a certain level of quality. They are a safe bet. However, a generic mattress dealer who has been in business for a while in your community will have a reputation, good or bad. Seeking to verify the mattress dealers record can reduce the risk of getting a bad deal. Also find out in advance what kind of warranty, guarantees and return policy your mattress dealer has, regardless of brand or store.

While we have tried to direct the advice above specifically to a Houston based audience, the same principles hold true for mattress shopping in the rest of Texas and other parts of the country. As it is one of the five largest cities in the US, Houston has a good number of local mattress retailers. The number of stores available in others areas will vary.


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