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Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas from GenerallyAwesome.com

Generally Awesome gift ideas sorted low to high. These gifts are excellent for stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, birthdays, or other important events. If you really want to save, buy more and get combined shipping!

HoMedics StressEase Hand-Held Roller Travel Massager
Massage away your stress with the HoMedics StressEase Travel Massager! Compare at $9.99
Our Price $3.99!
This personal Massager is small and mobile. Bring your massage with you to ease the stress of travel. Pack this Hand-held unit into your luggage for relaxation on the road. This personal massager is powered by two AA batteries (not included) and small enough for just about anyone to use. A great soothing massage every time, by HoMedics.

Quasar AM/FM Radio Pen w/ Earbud Headphones
Pem, Radio, AM, FM comes with Headphones.  Listen to radion on the earbuds included, size of standard pen! Compare at $11.99
Our Price $3.99!
The Quasar Radio Pen AM/FM combines fun and function. The small size (barely larger than a normal pen) allows for discrete use and easy transporting. The pen write and comes with refill pens and extra batteries. The perfect thing to take to the game, listen to action on the radio and write notes, stats or anything else you want!

Mirror Pal 9x Magnifying Suction Cup FL-9MP by Floxite
9X Mirror Pal is a suction cup mirror that atttaches to any other mirror or hard flat surface.  It's small size makes it perfect for travel, or to carry in your purse for everyday use.! Compare at $14.99
Our Price $6.99!
9X Mirror Pal atttaches to any other mirror or hard flat surface using two small suction cups on the back of the mirror. It's small size makes it perfect for travel, or to carry in your purse for everyday use. A compact size of just 3.25 inches across, this mirror is perfect for putting on your make-up any time or any place. Perfect for grooming and cosmetic uses, this mirror makes a great gift!
Floxite 7x/1x Double Magnifying Mirror Compact FL-CP7
7X or Standard 1x Power magnification mirrors both in one Compact Mirror case.  Apply make-up or cosmetics on the go! Compare at $24.99
Our Price $9.99!
This dual magnification mirror compact gives meaning to the word compact. Only 3.25 inches in diameter, it still packs in a 7x mirror on one side and 1x standard reflection mirror on the other. With DFP glass by Floxite, this small mirror can travel in any purse or make-up bag. The level of detail on this mirror will make cosmetic application easy.

Miss A Kit (formerly Miss Army) Radiant Rose
Seen on NBC's Today Show and featured in US Weekly. The fashion accessory carried by some of Hollywood's Freshest Hot Actresses. The Miss Army Kit has a flashlight, keychain, needle and thread, perfume bottle, mirror, pill box, knife and more. Fits in your pocket or purse! This item is a collectible! Compare at $24.99
Our Price $14.99!
We are currently out of stock, but you can buy it now on Amazon!
The Miss A Kit (formerly Miss Army Knife) is the mutli-tool pocket knife of every girl's dreams. It comes fully loaded for whatever might come up. Miss A Kit includes, Pocket knife, Flashlight, Keychain, Needle and thread, Safety pin, Corkscrew, Mirror, Pen, Tweezers, Perfume bottle, Screwdriver, Scissors, Ruler, Nail file, Pill box. More suited to a woman's needs than the pink swiss army ladies pocket knife.

MetroLine Kit Multitol Pocket Knife - For Men
The ultimate grooming multi-tool for a guy, the Metroline pocket-knife, by the makers of the Miss A Kit, Miss Army Knife! Compare at $24.99
Our Price $14.99!
We are currently out of stock, but you can buy it now on Amazon!
The Metroline for Men is the counterpart to the Miss A Kit for ladies. The Metroline has all the grooming tools, like mirror, A flashlight, secret compartment, nail clippers, toothpicks, tweezers, mustache comb, and nail file, to help a guy look his best. The Metroline also features more traditional swiss-army-knife-like tools such as bottle opener, scissors, pen, screwdriver, wire stripper, ruler, knife, corkscrew, and keychain. A perfect guy's gift.

Lighted 10X Magnifying Suction Cup Mirror Mate
10X Lighted Mirror Mate by Floxite is more than just a suction cup mirror that atttaches to any other mirror or hard flat surface.  It's got a light allowing for use in the dark, and comes with its own travel pouch. A great mirror for your make-up needs! Compare at $24.99
Our Price $14.99!
We are currently out of stock, but you can buy it now on Amazon!
The Floxite 10X Lighted Mirror Mate is the perfect solution for your make-up needs on the go. The compact size of this mirror allows it to fit easily into your purchase or cosmetic travel bag. It even comes with a protective pouch to keep the mirror glass safe during travel. Great for make-up application in any lighting conditions. 10 times normal magnification.

Floxite Precision Tweezer & Compact 8x Mirror
8X Compact Mirror and Tweezer Combo is a great grooming tool!  Apply, shape, control, all with the ease of this powerful and compact mirror by Floxite Compare at $26.99
Our Price $16.99!
We are currently out of stock on this item.
Mirror Model FL-8TC by Floxite is the perfect solution for grooming and cosmetic needs on the go. A powerful 8X magnification mirror is housed inside a sturdy little compact case that gives protection to the distortion free glass. The Precision Tweezer (which is also cradled inside the compact case) is wider than standards tweezers and has easy grip rubber pads to ensure a firm grip for all grooming and tweezing uses. Compact case is 4 in by 2.75 in by 1 in.

Cool gifts should not cost a fortune. At Generally Awesome we respect the limits of your budget. That is why we help you find the coolest gift ideas at the best prices. Enjoy our selection of gifts, sorted from the lowest to highest. Give a wonderful gift today!


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