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Occasionally lame. Generally Awesome.
"Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."
Giant Bean Bag Lounger Chair Video

The giant bean bag market offers a number of variations to add even more comfort. Forget about the old school round pouch full of tiny styro-foam beads. The fake leather cover leaked, the silly little beads flattened. Over time you were left with a sad sack. The next generation "bean bags" are furniture foam filled, so they have the same type of filling as couch cushions, only shredded into chunks. The introduction of different shapes and form factors have created even more options in oversized bean bag chairs. In this case the lounger is elongated rather than round. The fact that giant sack chair has a longer dimension and a more narrow dimension means that multiple people can sit accross its width. Or one person can lay back along the length of the huge bean bag for full relaxation. With multiple sizes to choose from, you can find the right lounger sack chair for your needs.

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giant bean bag chairs like the LoveSac are a huge new trend in home theater seating.  Watching a movie or playing video games in these things is a sweet way to sit.  What a great kind of foam filled chair.

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