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Find giant bean bag chairs that come with high quality, many parts are made in the USA and offer a better value than Love Sac brand oversized bean bags
8 Foot 'Bean Bag'
7.5 Foot 'Bean Bag'
6 Foot Video Sac
5 Ft. Foam Bag Chair
3.5 Ft. 'Poof' Bag
Huge Bean Bag 'Sack' chairs are a great alternative to the high prices of Love Sac brand huge bean bags
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Giant bean bag chairs are the perfect chair for lounging around the house playing video games or watching a movie.  LoveSac is one brand, but Love Sacs can be a lot more expensive that other brands out there.
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giant bean bag chairs like the LoveSac are a huge new trend in home theater seating.  Watching a movie or playing video games in these things is a sweet way to sit.  What a great kind of foam filled chair.

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Love the Love Sac, but Want a Better Value?

LoveSac brand huge 'bean bag' looking foam filled 'sack' style chairs have become very popular. Love Sac stores can be found in malls across the country. While Love sacks have broad brand recognition, there a more options emerging name in the giant bean bag "sac" chair marketplace. A little looking and you find other bean bags that beat LoveSac and Foof/Poof Chair on value and quality.

Here is GenerallyAwesome.com's list of qualities to look for in the area of giant foam filled bag chairs.

Key Features to spot in your giant bean bag:

  • FIVE year warranty on all seams on both the cover and liner.
  • 100% Soft foam (No hard chunks of foam)
  • Foam that has a 'memory' so that it goes back to its original shape after you sit in the chair
  • Very Large sizes available (from 3.5 foot up to 8 foot)
  • More Competitive Pricing Vs. Similar sized LoveSacs and Foof/Poof Chairs

Many makers out there use lower quality foam and as a result you will find large chunks of rock hard foam inside the sack. Foam is baked similar to bread. Most companies just chop the foam up and use 100% of what was 'cooked' and stuff it into your bean bag chair! They do it to save money on foam costs and labor costs of separating the foam and pad thier own pockets. The best companies have a different idea: the foam 'crust' is discarded and only the soft/cushy foam is retained and used. Don't find yourself making one of the most common complaints people make about their new 'giant bean chair'. Buyers from many leading manufacturers complain that their foam filled sac chair has hard spots in it. Where is the Love in that? We have found one place to buy Bean Bag Chairs and get all the features listed above.

The 6 foot model is among the best selling sack chair sizes. Home theatre afficianados who enjoy watching movies, generally agree that the 6ft bean bags or a larger models are a MUST! If you want to save money and getter the best foam chair, don't go to the mall and buy a Love Sac. Do the research yourself and you'll agree with what we are telling you about the "sac" chair market. Get something to sit on that you'll really love!

More information to help decide whether to buy a Love Sac, Poof/Foof chair, or some other giant bean bag chair! Get the deals and discounts you deserve for such a substantial cushy furniture purchase. Get an oversized bean bag with the oversized price!

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