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Wicked Hard Skateboard Trick

Being able to win at X-Games these days is becoming a situation where you not only need to have a flawless run, but you also need to have a signature big trick in your repetoire. X-games Gold Medalist Bucky Lasek has developed such a trick. While the proper name eludes me (and is somewhat elusive to even him) I will just settle for calling it a wicked hard skateboard trick.

Vert ramp skating is finding it's place again in the world of skateboarding and in the mass media. At first massively popular in the 1980's then somewhat shunned in the 1990's in favor of street skating, the half-pipe and other vert skating events have come back into vogue sharing the spotlight with street skating on even footing. Vert skating has always been a good spectator event. The awesome amounts of air and big tricks all within a rather controlled environment all make it viewer friendly. Add to that the innovation of pro skaters these days and it is no wonder that vert skating is so popular.

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